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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus in New York for Kids Music | Goddard School Concert on 6/5

Hey everyone,

We hope your week has been awesome! We can't believe it is almost May already. April has been great fun, we played at Chick-fil-A, released our new Earth Day song - Red Popsicle - and kicked off a charity drive to raise money for The Autism Grant. Less than 36 hours to purchase the Silly Bus CD and/or Alphabet Volume 1 - 50% of the profits from those sales will go to The Autism Grant.

To end the month, we are going to New York to attend the KindieFest festival - a conference and festival all about kids music. We head up tomorrow and will stay through Sunday. It should be great fun, Dan Zanes is the keynote speaker - can't wait to hear him. The festival is in Brooklyn for the weekend - although we hope to see some of New York City too. We will take lots of pictures all weekend!

In other exciting news, we did reschedule the Goddard show to now be on 6/5 from 11am-1pm. It is an outside show - so come ready to kick off the summer with a great outdoor concert!

Also - we have almost 1,000 fans on Facebook - WOW - it is very exciting. When we hit 1,000 everyone can get a free Chick-fil-A Chicken sandwich from CFA at VA Center Marketplace. In addition, one lucky person will get CFA for a year!

May looks to be very exciting too! There is Teacher Appreciation Week (and day), Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, and so many more great things to celebrate. In our newsletter this month - the best mother's day experience/gift/story that gets sent to our email - busdriver@sillybus.net - will win a free Silly Bus CD of their choice.

We do have a few pictures from people from our Earth Day craft project, we will show those too in our blog and May emails.

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Stay Silly,
Silly Bus

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus Rocked at Chick-fil-A | Free Kids Music Tonight!

Mr. Rob played a great show at Chick-fil-A VA Center Marketplace. The place was packed with great turn out for the show, Kids Night & the Rural Point Elementary Spirit Night! We had a great time playing some great tunes - Dazzling Ducks, Icky, Icky Insects, a new Earth Day tune that was played for the first time - and other Silly Bus tunes! Kids were up front dancing, clapping along and having fun!

We really appreciate Chick-fil-A having us out to play, and look forward to playing again May 8th at Operation Cow Drop. There will be 1500 cows thrown out of a plane (plush cows not to worry) giving back to charity and also providing the chance to win prizes!

There were lots of coloring pages that had been wonderfully colored and were on display, remember bring the coloring page to get a Free 4 piece Kids Nugget Meal before May 8th!

We are set to go to KindieFest this weekend - watch out New York!

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Stay Silly,
Silly Bus

Monday, April 26, 2010

Silly Bus | Free Kids Music Concert at Chick-fil-A VA Center Marketplace 4/27

We are sooo excited to play at the Chick-fil-A tomorrow night. There is going to be a lot going on - Kids Eat Free night, plus we are playing fun kids music, and there is a spirit night - so we hope to see you there to get in on the good time!

Several members of Silly Bus will be there giving away goodies when kids spin the Chick-fil-A wheel. Some of the giveaways will be CDs, and other cool stuff. Don't miss out!

The Kids Eat Free goes from 5-8pm, we will be there around 600 playing some of our great tunes, like the new song Red Popsicle, Jump Up and lots of others. The show will go just under an hour - it should be a great time.

Thanks to Chick-fil-A at VA Center Marketplace for supporting us, also don't forget that this CFA is making the Family Fun Event on May 8th from 11am-300pm happen. This event has lots of great things for the family to do. It is also the event where the famous Operation Cow Drop happens. You can still get tickets to win prizes and give back for the Operation Cow Drop.

In case you need the address of the event - here you go:
10176 Brook Rd
Glen Allen, VA 23059

Also - don't forget Mother's Day is coming up, it is a very important and special day!

This week we head up to the KindieFest 2010, we hope to see and meet lots of great people and bands. Check out our blog to see how it goes.

Stay Silly,
Silly Bus

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus Launches New Kids Music | Red Popsicle

We just released a new single, Red Popsicle, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day this week! The catchy, summer tune has great imagery and makes listeners want to roll down their windows and drive to the beach (parents driving of course).

We are very excited about the lyrics and melody - they really pull you into the song, making you feel like you are at the beach, and at the same time educates and reminds kids to recycle and be kind to the earth. The song is all about playing at the beach, jumping in the waves and enjoying a yummy red popsicle in the hot sun.

Remember to recycle the popsicle stick when you are done!

Listen and purchase the song at the Silly Bus site.

To sing along, below are the lyrics, have fun!

Red Popsicle

Summer days sitting on the beach
I watch the dolphins playing in the sea
Building castles in the sand
I like to be here with all my friends

Feels like summer this sure is fun
A red popsicle melting in the sun
Don't throw away
Recycle the stick when I'm done

Found some trash put it in the bin
Clean up the beach I'll be the sand crabs friend
Watch the seagulls flying flying high above
I like to bury my feet and toes

Feels like summer this sure is fun
A red popsicle melting in the sun
Don't throw away
Recycle the stick when I'm done

I like to jump in to the waves
And ride them in to the shore again
Picking seashells and, and just having fun
Fun while we explore and then we run

Feels like summer this sure is fun
A red popsicle melting in the sun
Don't throw away
Recycle the stick when I'm done
(c) 2010 Silly Bus

In addition, you can send or 'share' the song from the Silly Bus Facebook page with your friends. Just go to the My Band tab, scroll to the song and click on Share.

This is kids music at its best, Silly Bus hopes you enjoy it!

Stay silly,

Silly Bus

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus attends Kids Music Festival | Kids Music, Volunteering & Earth Day

So - closer to weather that feels like spring - very exciting! As the weather in Virginia is getting warmer, we are heading to New York on April 30th, through May 2nd to attend the KindieFest 2010 event. We are very excited about attending this year - the keynote speaker is Dan Zanes, in addition there are lots of people to meet and shows to watch.

Of course - on either side of this event we have multiple shows, so lots of rehearsing to do and also we have to keep working on our album that is coming out this summer. We hope to see and learn a lot at KindieFest and keep making our shows and music even better.

Speaking of rehearsing - we have a surprise song that we recorded this past week during rehearsal - and hope to share with the fans. It is not finished yet - but we wanted to see what you thought about it. In addition, the music is about the Earth and so appropriate that we share it this month.

Well, we hope everyone had a great weekend, don't forget this week is National Volunteer Week - so please say thanks to the folks that volunteer and also volunteer if you can. This year, volunteering is even more exciting with the volunteer program through Disney. They already closed the program - they reached their goal of getting 1 million people to volunteer - check it out here.

If you do want to volunteer in your area - this website is a great starting point. There are tons of great places to volunteer - you can even start by donating food to a local Food Bank or clothes and other items to the Salvation Army. It is a great way to recycle and reuse things you just have not used in a while.

Stay silly,
Silly Bus

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silly Bus | Meet the Kids behind the Music | Free Kids Music Concert

We are excited to share more about Silly Bus and what it means to us as a group and hopefully what it could mean to you as fans.

All of our songs are about getting healthy inside and out. We believe in helping our kids succeed through educational and fun lyrics. The Silly Bus group members were (ages ago) part of a rock band and now (later and most of us with kids) are really passionate about blending fun rock-along kind of music with purpose. We want our kids in real life, not just the Sillyville kids to be happy, healthy and groove to our music. Playing this great kids music also brings out the kid in us too.

We can't wait to rock with you at our upcoming shows over the next few weeks and months. We hope to hear from you about what of our kids music you liked and what songs you hope we play. Recently we asked fans on Facebook what their favorite songs were and the top ones mentioned that day were "X Marks the Spot", "Pumpkin Patch" and "Chewy Chocolate Chips"!

By the way - if you do want to listen to our kids music, you can now do so on our Facebook page. Go to the My Band tab to see upcoming shows, hear our music, and let us know which songs you 'dig'.

We hope to see you at our next show at Goddard School on Nuckols Rd. It is FREE and goes from 11am-1pm. Come and have a silly rockin' time!

Stay Silly,
Silly Bus

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Silly Bus | Free Kids Music Concerts for our Fans

We want to make sure we give back to our fans - so we try to find ways to make it easy to come, listen to great music and have fun!

We have several concerts coming up in the next few weeks and want to make sure that you get to hear our kids music for FREE and Save the Date for these shows.

It is very exciting to play on April 24th at The Goddard School on Nuckols Road - 11393 Nuckols Rd, Glen Allen, VA. The Goddard School is one our Education & Academic partners that we really like having as a partner. The show will be lots of fun, free and is open to the public. It goes from 11-1, we hope to rock along with you there.

Our next show is on April 27th at Chick-fil-A in Virginia Center Marketplace near Richmond (in Ashland). We are playing at the store on Kids Eat FREE night, so lots of reasons to come hear us play and eat yummy, free food. This will be our first show at CFA, we are very excited. We highly recommend becoming a Fan of theirs on Facebook - they have some cool stuff going on there.

The next event is also Free, in partnership with Chick-fil-A. You have heard us talk about this - it is the Family Fun Event on May 8th from 11-3. We will perform at noon, so grab some food from the vendors and swing by! Learn more about Operation Cow Drop and how to buy tickets to support a charity, get a free small milkshake and win prizes on the 8th!

Next is Imagination Richmond, which is at Willow Lawn on May 15th from 10am-2pm. There will be lots of great things to do and see. Live Kids Music by Silly Bus, Jonathan the Juggler, Balloon Art with Butterfly McPeace and He-Haul the Clown, Face Painting by Scarlet the Clown, Storyland with Read Aloud Virginia, Merchant Specials, Free Giveaways and MORE!

Anyways - this is all to say THANKS for your support, we hope to see you there and get ready to kick off summer!

Stay Silly,
Silly Bus

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Silly Bus Loves Their Fans - Read the Love below (Happy Easter!)

Happy Easter! We hope you are having a great weekend.

Fans - as you know we are partnering with Chick-fil-A VA Center Commons and VA Center Marketplace. We have several exciting Fan Giveaways to celebrate you the Fans and get ready for The Family Fun Event on May 8th!

Chick-fil-A for a Year: 1 of the first 1,000 Fans on both the Silly Bus Facebook Fan Page and Virginia Center Marketplace Fan Page will win Chick-fil-A for a year!

FREE Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches - each of the first 1,000 Fans on both pages will get a FREE Chicken Sandwich - we will post the link to the coupon on our Fan pages for the day when we hit 1,000 Fans.

Also - you can color the Chick-fil-A & Silly Bus Coloring Page and bring it to the Virginia Center Marketplace location to get a FREE 4-piece Nugget Kids Meal.

We would love to hear from you - join us on Facebook and MySpace - let us know what you think.

Learn More about the Upcoming Operation Cow Drop and Family Fun Day Below:

As you may (or may not) know we are supporting and partnering with Chick-fil-A at Virginia Center Marketplace with their annual Operation Cow Drop event on May 8th. This is such an awesome event - it is a Family Fun Event from 11-3 with us performing at 12 - and then get this. A COW DROP at 1:30pm! No not real live cows :) These are nice plush cows that can be purchased to support non-profits and other organizations in Virginia. You can see exactly which ones at the CFA site. Each cow only costs $10 and you can win prizes like a Disney Family Vacation, 32 inch Samsung TV, etc. When the cows are thrown out of the plane they land hopefully on the "Cow's Eye" and if your cow comes closest you win!

This should be a great day - there will be great kid's songs and music, a petting zoo, clowns, face painting, vendors, Mad Science, Romp & Roll, Crafts, clowns and lots more.

This is our first time playing at this event - but it is awesome. This event raised a lot of money for organizations like Connor's Heroes, Special Olympics and the Goddard School - just to name a few.

We can't wait to come out and party with all of the families!

Check out our website for more fun activities and sign up for our monthly newsletter too!

Stay Silly,
Silly Bus