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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Silly Bus | Where is Coach Billy? | Kid Music Winners

We have lots of great, fun summer news! We did our "Silly Summer" contest where fans had to guess where Coach Billy was on his summer travels. It turns out Coach Billy went to some very cool places.

Coach Billy went to:

Santorini, the Parthenon and - places below with some fun facts as hints for the challenge:

the Forum: This place was established in the 7th century BC and served as a key meeting place through the reign of the Roman Empire.

the Coliseum: This place held 50,000 people and was completed in 80 AD. "Wow! Almost 2000 years old."

the Trevi Fountain in Rome: This famous fountain was originally fed by an ancient aquaduc. Part of this fountain was duplicated in Walt Disney World's Epcot in the Italy section. "Now that's a fun fountain!"

Congrats to the winners - who received our kid music downloads free! Whoo Hoo! We love giving back to fans and having some fun at the same time.

Also, Silly Bus and Club Mom team up for a morning of music and fashion! Check out the Back-to School Fashion show and listen to Silly Bus during the FREE Club Mom event from 9-11am on August 3rd.

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Stay tuned for more silly fun this summer,
Coach Billy and Silly Bus

Friday, July 2, 2010

Silly Bus | Donates Portion of Proceeds from New Song | Kids Music Group Sings to Cure and Conquer Childhood Cancer |

Silly Bus is partnering with the Connor's Heroes Foundation to help conquer childhood cancer. Listen to and Purchase "Heroes and Angels" in July, just type "connor" as your code and Silly Bus will donate 50% of the profits of online downloads. The fundraiser starts today, July 1st, and goes through July 31st.

"Heroes and Angels" is the song used in the recent Public Service Announcement as well. Check out the Connor's Heroes PSA on YouTube featuring our song, "Heroes and Angels", along with Connor from Connor's Heroes, Tommy Hilfiger, and Alex Garfield. The PSA is also on the Silly Bus site too.

Thanks so much for your support! Visit our site to learn more about this program and all the great things we have for you and your family to enjoy this summer!

Have a great summer!
Silly Bus

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