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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus hits 1,000 Fans on Facebook | Free Chick-fil-A Sandwichs for Fans

We are so excited - this weekend we hit 1,000 fans on Facebook. It is a great milestone and we are very thankful to our fans and to show our thanks - we have certificates for a Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich for the Chick-fil-A at Virginia Center Marketplace and Virginia Center Commons in Richmond (Ashland to be more precise).

Our friends at Chick-fil-A have been fantastic, we really appreciated their Operation Cow Drop show and can't wait to do more shows with them.

If you were one of the first 1,000 Fans - please go to Facebook to check out how to redeem your certificate. Remember it is just for the VA Center Marketplace and Commons locations.

Have a fantastic day!

Stay Silly,
Silly Bus

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus Kids Music Summer Sale | $5 CDs and Kids Music MP3 Downloads

We have a new album coming out soon, so we are running a summer sale on our CDs and MP3 album downloads!

To say thanks for all of your support – this sale is just for our newsletter fans! Sign up for our newsletter to get the discount coupon code :)

All CDs & Albums are $5 each with the discount code! You can also see the lyrics on our site too!

Silly Bus – The fun and engaging lyrics cover educational topics like History, Math, and Civics with musical styles such as pop, blues and rap! Fan favs include Jump Up, Earth and Sun, and Alphabet Eyes!

Alphabet – Volume 1 - This CD is for pre-K and has fan favorites like Chewy Chocolate Chips, Pumpkin Patch and Teddy Bear Boogie!

Alphabet – Volume 2 – This is the last album in the alphabet collection with awesome songs like At the Zoo (just released this video too), X Marks the Spot (Pirates), and Icky, Icky Insects!

We hope you all have a fantastic summer – be sure to check out our latest song all about summer – Red Popsicle!

Stay Silly,
Silly Bus

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus Rocked with Fans at Imagination Richmond | Kids Music Concert

Wow! We had a great time today, playing two sets, and rockin' along with our fans and hopefully new fans too :) The kids were awesome, dancing to hokey pokey, chomp chomping and singing the ABCs. There were several kids who said their ABCs perfectly and corrected Mr. Brian on missing the letter "L" in the song. Very impressive that they caught that given how fast we were all singing.

We had lots of new folks join our email list - thanks for signing up and we hope you like what we send you. Please let us know - we are here for you :)

We also saw our friends from Read Aloud Virginia, who read before / after our sets. We were able to play twice, so thanks to the folks who came twice to hear us! Lite 98 stopped by too - it was great catching up with them. They supported us on TV and radio for the show - it was fantastic. Other folks at the show included the Cat in the Hat, Snoopy and the Flying Squirrels were there too.

We hope you were able to be there and enjoy the show. Today was a bit of a celebration too - our drummer Mr. Lee turned an important birthday (our hint is it starts with a 4...). Mr. Lee has his three daughters there to sing with him, the crowd joined in too which was awesome and appreciated.

Look for video from the show shortly, in case you missed it. We are playing on June 5th at Goddard on Nuckols Road. We hope to see you then. Check out our site for more details. Also - check out our latest single - Red Popsicle!

Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and join us on Facebook - we are giving away Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches in partnership with CFA of VA Center Marketplace when we hit 1,000 Fans. I am happy to say we are less than 25 Fans away!

Hope to see you soon - stay silly,

Silly Bus

Friday, May 14, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus Plays at Imagination Richmond | Kids Music & Festival

Tomorrow we get to play at Imagination Richmond at Willow Lawn. That should be a lot of fun - we have two sets, one from 10:30am-11:00am and the final set from 11:30am-12:00pm. It is likely that we will play one of our new songs, Red Popsicle, as well as do our infamous Hokey Pokey dance off.

Here are some specifics about Imagination Richmond - it is a free event, there is no entry fee to all of the great things below.

Other cool news - we have less than 25 Fans to go before we hit 1,000! That means we get to give away 1,000 Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches in partnership with Chick-fil-A at Virginia Center Marketplace and Commons. That is very cool - we also will pick one person to get Chick-fil-A for an entire year :)

We hope to see you at the show - have a great fun-filled weekend!

Stay silly,
Silly Bus

More Information about Imagination Richmond
Imagination Richmond is a FREE day-long, family event featuring fun and exciting children's activities including a meet & greet with Clifford the Big Red Dog and Snow White, Jonathan the Juggler, music by Silly Bus, dancing fairies, Aesop's Fables puppet show, arts & crafts, face painting, balloon art, story time and other favorite children's activities along with Willow Lawn merchant specials and free giveaways. Bring a packaged snack for the Greater Richmond SCAN Snack Drive and a gently used children's book to benefit the Read Aloud Virginia Children's Book Bank.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Silly Bus | Silly Bus Rocks Kids Music at Operation Cow Drop

We had a great time rockin' along with kids, parent, friends and everyone at the Family Fun Event hosted by our friends at Chick-fil-A Virginia Center Marketplace. The event raised over $90,000 this year for 67 non-profit groups and organizations. In addition, there were more charities and organizations that participated this year than last year. This was the 3rd Annual Operation Cow Drop - Silly Bus had a great time performing and really appreciated the opportunity to have Silly Man and the group come out and support the thousands of people and 1500 plush cows that were thrown out of the plane! Check out the video below :) Silly Man helped a lot :)

(c) 2010 Educational Media Creations Company, LLC

Mr. John was MC along with Silly Man - throughout the day. We had our usual Hokey Pokey dance off and gave away some CDs to our awesome winners! Silly Man also wished Kim Grimes Happy Birthday (she was their with her 8 kids and her hub). Folks sang along great with our songs - and really got involved with the ABC song and Chewy Chocolate Chips! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP :)

(c) 2010 Educational Media Creations Company, LLC

Mr. Justin forgot the alphabet, so Silly Man and all of the kids helped him sing the ABCs to make sure he remembered how they went. Thanks to everyone that sang along and helped Justin. Connor and his family (from Connor's Heroes) came out and sang along too!

Silly Bus played from 12:30 to around 1:15pm. Then there was the National Anthem and the wait for the cows. The plane took off and made several attempts dropping a few cows to see how the conditions were. Then on the third drop all of the cows were pushed out of the plane, it was quite a sight.

Thanks to all of the volunteers and Chick-fil-A (WHOO HOO Pam!) for bringing together such a fantastic and fun event!

Stay Silly,
Silly Bus

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silly Bus | Rested from KindieFest | Rehearsing for Free Kids Music Show | Thanks Teachers!

So let's see - where to begin. I met so many great people this weekend at the KindieFest. Not to mention some great cab drivers too. Cab drivers that taught me about the BMW bridges - if you know what that is - let me know - maybe you will get a FREE CD! :)

I attended several workshops - all of this by the way was made by possible by Tor Hyams, Stephanie Mayers, Bill Childs and Mona Kayhan. Each of these individuals is just amazing - together they really produced a great event for all sorts of family music people to get together, network, learn and perform.

As I mentioned before - I arrived Friday - attended the reception and Key Note speech by Dan Zanes. He was really heart felt and fantastic. I met a lot of great folks that night. Pina from Sing-a-Lingo was just one of the people I met. Also, I met Grandfather Stark - the host of a kids music radio show called the Musical Merry-Go-Round in St. Louis. After the reception, I had a Skype meeting with some of the team and then finally hit the hay around midnight.

Saturday was all about attending panels and shows. Some of the panels covered marketing, distribution, etc. - then shows went all evening and through Sunday.

Now that the weekend is past - this week is all about focusing and rehearsing on our show this coming weekend. It is a free Kids Music Show in partnership with Chick-fil-A of VA Center Marketplace. We are very excited to play and partner for the Family Fun Event. Our show is at noon - but the event goes from 11-3pm. We can't wait to share some new music, set and other stuff (shhh...it's a surprise).

Remember, you can still purchase Operation Cow Drop tickets - which will benefit a local charity(www.CJSTUF.org) at the event, at least early in the day. The stuffed cows will be dropped around 1:30pm. There will be 1500 cows that go out of the plane, I can't wait to see what that looks like! There are also Open Mic performances from 2-3pm - sign up is done already - but you can come see what folks have for talent.

The prizes if your cow hits the cows eye (bulls eye) include things like:


#1. Disney Family Vacation

#2. Garage/Closet Makeover from

Tradewind Tops

#3. 32" Samsung TV from Best Buy

#4. X Box 360 Arcade from Best Buy

#5. Asus Netbook from Best Buy

#6. Two Chick-fil-A Bowl Tickets & Prize Pack

#7. Dinners For A Year

#8. Year of Movie Passes from Regal Cinemas

#9. Golf Prize Pack including 4 rounds of Golf from The Federal Club.

#10. Discovery Flight -lesson/flight

#11. Flying Squirrels Baseball Package

#12. Sports Clips Year of Haircuts

#13. Romp & Roll Birthday Party

#14. Mad Science Week Long Summer Day Camp

#15. The Jefferson Hotel Sunday Brunch

Package & Deluxe Overnight Stay

#16. Victory Lady Year Membership for Two

#17. Four Six Flags Day Passes & Hotel Stay

#18. Concert Ballet Season Passes

#19. Chick-fil-A For A Year

#20. Chick-fil-A Tailgating Party

Also Enjoy Games, Music, Inflatables, Crafts, Vendors, Mad Science, Romp & Roll, Petting Zoo, Clowns, Face Painting, Balloon Animals, Chick-fil-A food, and so much more!

Silly Bus will be there with merchandise and lots of fun! We hope to see you there and also give away some autographed posters! We can't wait to party with you guys and gals this weekend!

If you want to let us know what song requests you have - post your answers on Facebook! Don't forget you can hear our music on Facebook on the My Band page. In case you need the concert info: Saturday, May 8, 11 a.m.—3 p.m., Hanover Airport 11152 Airpark Road, Ashland, VA 23005.

Remember this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week and today is National Teachers Day. We hope you got to tell some of your favorite teachers how great they were/are. We had some great notes on Facebook from our Fans about their teachers.

Stay Silly - have a great week and hope to see you this weekend! If you want to get our email/newsletter - please sign up here.

Silly Bus