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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Silly Bus | Free Concert at Goddard Was Lots of Fun!

Wow, it was a hot time in this old Richmond town over the weekend! We had a great time playing at The Goddard School in Glen Allen this past Saturday. Not only was the show cooking, but the sun was cooking as well. The Goddard School had plenty of fun events for kids, including the always fun balloon bounce, free popsicles, and a misting station to help keep everyone cool. I went into the misting station for a bit, and it was incredibly refreshing.

The rescue and fire station also had an ambulance and fire engine at the event. They received a call during the event and had to hurriedly rush off to help out whomever was in need. That was quite an exciting but tense moment to see them pack and rush off so quickly. It also brought to mind how fortunate we all are to have such dedicated emergency services to help those in need.

We played a couple of new songs, Red Popsicle and Humpty Dumpty. They were a lot of fun to play. The songs have a great lively feel, and it is always exciting to play new songs out live.

We also got to see several of our friends at the event from partner organizations such as the Annabelle's Angels. And The Goddard School was incredibly hospitable towards us, as always.

If you missed the Goddard show, come check us out at our next event at the Dominion School for Autism from 11 - 2pm. Have a good week!
Silly Bus

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